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Working with Our Clients:

We understand that each client is unique. That's why we work together with you to ensure your food preferences are met from start to finish. We first arrange for a consult to discuss your needs. The meal choices are made and a deposit is received. A cooking date is set and we arrive with all the necessary groceries and equipment in hand. All the food is prepared, packaged, labeled and stored in your fridge. We include reheating instructions (and plating instructions for dinner parties). As well, we ensure your kitchen is left tidy and clean.

Why choose The Spice Sisters?

We offer as a standard service, both naturally-raised and organic meats/poultry as our main ingredients. Fresh fish, wild caught is also our preferred choice. As well, many of our recipes are original and have been adapted to suit a healthier lifestyle. Most dishes can be customized to suit any dietary restrictions. All our dishes are prepared with no butter or white sugar. Only olive and sunflower oils and natural sweeteners, such as maple syrup/honey are used, as well as, low sodium broths. We update our menu on a quarterly basis with the changing seasons, offering farm fresh local produce to create our dishes and soups. We are very efficient in the kitchen, so our time in your home will have little impact on your daily routine. Most packages will only take 2 to 4 hours to prepare.


Meal Packages - Click here for details.

Parties & Special Occasions - The Spice Sisters offers a simple solution to your entertainment needs. We are dedicated in providing you with fresh, beautiful food that your friends and family will surely enjoy. You can choose from our existing menu selection or we can create a customized menu to suit your particular needs. All the preparation is done in your kitchen and placed in your dishes for serving. With our "Invisible Chef" service, your guests will think you have been very busy in the kitchen. All you need to do is re-heat, plate and serve. Prices are estimated on a per person basis according to your menu selection. On-site "Chef Service" time is also available at an additional cost. Please inquire. Dinner parties can be arranged for 6 people or more.

Dietitian Consultations - The Spice Sisters is pleased to offer the services of a licensed Dietitian to our customers who may need assistance. Our Dietitian, Mr. Patient Beya, RD, can counsel and support you to make adjustments to your eating habits to promote a healthy diet and also help you to manage or prevent such conditions as high blood pressure, diabetes, candida and heart disease.

In-Home Cooking Classes - Gather a few friends and enjoy a cooking lesson (partial participation) with The Spice Sisters in your home kitchen. Classes are available for parties of 4 or more. Prices start at $125 per person (depending on the menu).

Gift Certificates - Gift certificates are available for all our services and are good for up to six months from the date of purchase. A great gift idea for new moms, anniversaries, corporate gift giving or for someone special!