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Welcome to The Spice Sisters, one of Toronto’s leading personal chef
businesses dedicated to creating healthy and delicious international meals
featuring locally-sourced organic meats and poultry. We believe eating well
should be a daily experience, no matter how busy you are. Enjoy visiting our
website. We look forward to cooking for you soon!

The Spice Sisters was originally co-founded in 2006 by two sisters. Today, The Spice Sisters is solely owned by Jennifer. She continues to expand and create new recipes on a seasonal basis for her clientele to enjoy. She is dedicated to introducing new customers to The Spice Sisters food philosophy of healthy eating.


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Jennifer has been cooking in the industry for over twenty years. As a child she was exposed to the love and appreciation of food by both her parents, who spent many hours in the kitchen preparing international dishes for the family to enjoy. Some of her best memories growing up are those with her family in the kitchen. These lessons laid the foundation for Jennifer's journey into the culinary world. In her early years she began cooking for prominent restaurants, various large scale catering companies and gourmet food shops. After working in the corporate environment for over a decade in Toronto, she decided it was time for a change.

Reconnecting with the culinary industry was at the top of her list. She began cooking on a freelance basis for large-scale special events and in 2006, she co-founded The Spice Sisters. Jennifer has also obtained a certificate in catering from Le Cordon Bleu as well as an up-to-date Food Handlers' Certificate from the Toronto Public Health Department.

Since 2010, Jennifer has been the sole owner and head chef of The Spice Sisters. The company has grown tremendously over the years and expanding the menu to incorporate more plant- based options, dairy-free options and gluten-free options has been very well received by her clients.

Jennifer has participated in various food shows and fundraisers, including Willow's “Eat to the Beat” Fundraiser, as well as the Barbara Schlifer Clinic’s Annual Fundraiser where she has been the featured chef for many years, partnered with the leading wine expert, Tony Aspler. She has also been a Chef Instructor with the LCBO in their Cooking Class series of workshops. Jennifer has been promoted in the National Post, Toronto Guardian and the North Toronto Post to name a few. The Spice Sisters also donate their time with a not-for-profit organization, Diversified Youth Initiative. We provide free meals to diverse youth residing in and around affordable housing and soon will be focusing on teaching cooking classes to youth and their families who need help in preparing nutritious food.

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We understand that each client is unique. That's why we work together with you to ensure your food preferences are met from start to finish. We first arrange for a consult to discuss your needs. The meal choices are made and a deposit is received. A cooking date is set and we arrive with all the necessary groceries and equipment in hand. All the food is prepared, packaged, labeled and stored in your fridge. We also include reheating instructions.  As well, we ensure your kitchen is left tidy and clean.

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"Jennifer is an extremely talented chef and a pleasure to work with.  She is very careful to consider everyone’s dietary needs when she creates delicious and healthy meals, even the children love them. Spice Sisters is the perfect gift for professionals working late, busy families and even seniors who have cooked enough in their life.  Help a friend or treat yourself with Spice Sisters,you won’t be disappointed."

Amy Ferguson, Toronto

"We have a weekly personal chef service with Jennifer. There are quite a few menu items that we get regularly that we and our toddler love.  The dishes are flavourful and culturally diverse.  Jennifer is great to work with.  Would highly recommend her for regular service and special occasions!"

Maheen Mirza, Toronto

"My daughter "discovered" Jennifer at a time when I needed support for nutritional meals. I was acutely injured in 2020, and unable to cook. I am now a faithful fan. The outcome has been amazing for me.  Jennifer uses high quality ingredients, which she combines with her knowledge of nutrition and expertise in culinary cooking. I love the way that she adjusts the preparation of meals to accommodate individual needs,such as digestive issues. She will source organic ingredients and prepare delicious meals that are not on her list, if requested to fill specific needs.  Give the meals a try- you will not be disappointed. "

Anita Veiga, Toronto

"I love Jennifer’s entrees.Creativity, her instinct as to individual preferences means everything when I need help in the kitchen. As a gift or a regular happening in your meal preparation, this menu with attention to every detail will definitely exceed your expectations"

Carole Cowan, Toronto

"We used the Spice Sister's personal chef service for my parent's anniversary dinner.Jennifer was pleasant and professional and she cooked a wonderful meal for us. She brought the ingredients and her own cookware, which meant that I didn't have to do any prep or cleanup.I would definitely recommend The Spice Sisters to anyone who wants a nice alternative to going out to a restaurant for a special occasion."

I.Wolfhart, Toronto, ON

"Great food, prepared fresh and with the best ingredients. For people concerned about quality,this is one of the best personal chef experiences out there! Jennifer was professional and informative and the food was amazing; she helped make my wife's 30th birthday a great success!"

C. Dunphy, Toronto, ON

"Thursday's birthday dinner went very well, thanks to your cooking! My husband enjoyed the smells and tastes of the Moroccan spices in the kuftas and couscous. The portions were very generous, so we had two lunches to enjoy the next day. I sent photos to friends and family, and they were envious of our special dinner. Tonight we had the Moroccan Chicken Stew which was also delicious. Thanks again for everything!"

T. Rothman, Toronto, ON

"Thank you for everything on Saturday! The food was absolutely incredible - from the appetizers right to the dessert, it was all perfect! I got a lot of compliments from the guests about how grea teverything tasted. The experience of having you come into my home, cook the food there, and be around to explain your dishes was also really fun! You were also very pleasant and a pleasure to have around! Thanks for all your hard work and delicious talent in the kitchen!"

K. Cressman, Toronto, ON

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Why choose The Spice Sisters?

We offer as a standard service, organic meats/poultry as our main ingredients.Fresh fish/seafood, wild caught is also our preferred choice. As well, many of our recipes are original and have been adapted to suit a healthier lifestyle.Meals can be customized to suit any gluten-free diets, dairy-free diets, low salt diets, carb-free diets and the list goes on. This is one of the benefits of having a personal chef at your fingertips. If you have allergies and/or any dislikes of certain vegetables, all can be customized so that you can eat with confidence and enjoyment. All entrees can be ready to eat by just simply reheating. All meals are good in your freezer for up to 30 days.

All our dishes are prepared with no butter or white sugar. Only extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil or coconut oil and natural sweeteners such as maple syrup/honey are used, as well low sodium gluten free broths. We update our menu on a quarterly basis with the changing seasons, offering farm fresh local produce to create our dishes and soups. We are very efficient in the kitchen, so our time in your home will have little impact on your daily routine. Most packages will only take 2 to 4 hours to prepare.

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